Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One more Simple Design

Here comes one simple design! As I had mentioned earlier, I do not attempt to make-up any designs of my own; not that I am creative, but I tend to become a little extravagant and end up spending more time than I actually need.

Simple peacock motifs filled with normal curves and lines

Hope you enjoyed this one! See you all soon with a special Wedding design!


Chaudhary V said...

Hi Rohini
am really tempted to come to you and get one of these designs done my hand, but unfortunately I can't give some hours to it this week as I have to complete some things. Hopefully will try to get it done next week (provided you have time too).
Carry on your great work (for I will be one of those to be most benefited by your creativity-both food n other art :))

Love n best wishes

Cockroach said...

hi didn't know that u have a blog. good to c u here and thanks for the comment.

அன்புடன்-மணிகண்டன் said...

Is this one called a simple design???

Chitchat said...


Dropped in thro'some links. Lovely Mehendi design and such thin lines, very nice. Looking forward to seeing more such designs. You need a creative mind to develop designs.

Drop into my blog when u have time


bigarade said...

This Looks GREAT! i can squiggle a kinda nice pattern with the mehndi cone!Absolutely love full on mehndi like this! Great job :D

Anupama said...

I would love to see the special wedding design Rohini. Please post it soon na :-)

Rohini said...

Thanks friends for your lovely comments!

@ Anu: Your wish is my command! Will post it soon :)

kamalabhoopathy said...

Lovely designs Rohini my daughter loves mehndhi very much.

kitchen queen said...

keep up ur lovely mehendi work always.I love mehendi very much

Pavithra said...

This is definitely not a simple one .. u r too good at it dear