Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Here comes another one!!

As I said previously, I don't prefer doing my own designs for 2 reasons; first being my mind wanders off in a matter of time and I end up doing extravagant designs that take 3 to 4 hours to finish. Second reason being, there are so many wonderful designs available in Internet and Designs books and it is fun to recreate them and compare with your effort! So here comes my version of one of the most popular designs, probably what you get amongst the top 10 when you google.

Kind of Arabic Design that fills only a part of the hand

The After-effect!!

Sorry about the poor quality of photo! This was taken way back in 2006 with my mobile camera.

See you all soon with another interesting post!


Sanjana said...

Really pretty design, Rohini! Great job!

Sree vidya said...

gr8 blog and gr8 creativity.
I would love to learn some designs.
I have lot of interest but I never succeeded in my attempts.
Can you post beginner's lessons ;)?(a step by step presentation)
Simple designs for dummies :D
Whenever I try, I will have my thumb aching. For simple designs, I take a lot of time. Probably it's a girl thing and I am not a fit ;)
Keep rocking girl

Rohini said...

Thanks Sanjana, Vidya!

Sure, I can try and post some simple designs with step-by-step pic. The type of cone you use also matters, generally home-made ones are easy and convenient to use.. :)

Ramya Bala said...

My passion is Cooking,Mehndi n small crafts :))) Morning my lil one allowed me to spend some time and I hapd to chk ur blog..really good..u r so very talented...Best wishes to you..TC

IamNoOne said...

Hi, just dropping by with smiles. Great designs here.

Please feel free to drop by: www.inbetweenbreaks.blogspot.com

Rohini said...

Thanks Ramya and lamNoone!

Nithya said...

Wow.. this is really neat :)